Are there enough national teams in FIFA 22?

Are there enough national teams in FIFA 22?

At this stage, my count of National Teams in FIFA 22 is 32 (including a generic Brazilian Team), the majority of which are from Europe. I see ZERO teams from AFRICA. ZERO. With the other teams outside of Europe coming from Asia and the Americas. This is NOT enough National Teams.

Should EA Sports FC lose the FIFA title?

For EA Sports, losing the FIFA title is a tough blow for branding. While most fans of the series will continue to buy EA Sports FC even with its awful name, casuals might not know the title is the same as FIFA under a new guise.

How much money does EA Sports make from FIFA?

The series has made EA Sports more than $20 billion since it launched as “FIFA International Soccer” in 1993, including $1.2 billion last year from the Ultimate Team mode alone. This is arguably the biggest reason the EA Sports-FIFA relationship is ending.