Can I submit my music to the FIFA Soundtrack?

Can I submit my music to the FIFA Soundtrack?

Your music should also do that! Although most of the songs in the FIFA Soundtrack don’t actually mention football, it should have a message that is relevant to the FIFA franchise, i.e. perseverance, triumph or teamwork. For more information on how to submit your music to EA, email: [email protected] .

How do I Find my goal music in FIFA 21?

The Goal Songs you own are shown on-screen; if you own more than eight hold, down on the right stick to see additional pages. Moving the left stick over a song triggers an audible preview, while hitting X (on PlayStation) or A (on XBox) confirms it as your goal music. On the FIFA 21 Web App, go to the Stadium Tab on the left hand side.

What is the value of a goal song in FIFA 20?

Expect to pay the max value of 5,000 coins for it on the transfer market. Dortmund’s goal song, based off the Pet Shop Boys’ Go West, is also instantly recognisable and – in scientific terms – a bit of a banger. Inter Milan and Real Madrid also have their official goal songs in the game.

What songs are in FIFA 21 soundtrack?

Lift Me Up (feat. Carla Monroe) Pop Boy (feat. Aitch) We Got That Cool (feat. Afrojack & Icona Pop) The all-new soundtrack to FIFA 21 – featuring tracks by more than 100 artists from 23 different countries – now defines global culture like never before.