Can you get 300k in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in one sitting?

Can you get 300k in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in one sitting?

The end of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team cycle is when the market tends to crash, allowing you to purchase incredible players for bargain prices. If you’re looking to do so but you’re short on coins, a FUT player has revealed a clever trick to instantly gain almost 300k coins in one sitting.

How to decorate your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Stadium?

The trick involves discarding all your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team stadium items. Stadium items like anthems, flags, and goal songs are used to decorate your FUT stadium. As the player who posted the tip to the FIFA subreddit explained, they “made about 300k” doing so.

How do you change squad names in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

You’re going to be going through a lot of players and different setups in FIFA 22 ‘s Ultimate Team, so you may want to rename your squads to help them stand out among each other. To change squad names, go to Squad Actions with L2/LT, then select Squad Selector.

Is there a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team trick that grants coins?

FIFA 22’s endgame is underway, but players are still discovering clever ways to generate coins, and this Ultimate Team trick has the possibility to grant a few hundred thousand. Despite the fact that FIFA 23 is right around the corner, FIFA 22 players are still enjoying everything the Ultimate Team mode has to offer well into August.