How dangerous is the squad in FIFA 19?

How dangerous is the squad in FIFA 19?

But surely the quality of the squad that you find in Fifa 19 is extremely dangerous for every opponent. Balanced team, with dangerous players in each part of the field: good and big defenders, and quick and technical offensive players, with the help of Higuain (or Giroud) acting as big and strong advanced striker in the middle of the attack.

What is the most used formation in FIFA 19?

4-3-3 is one of the most used formations in football. 4-3-3 and all its variations is probably the most popular formation of FIFA 19.

Who are the top 100 center forwards on FIFA 21?

List of Top 100 Center Forwards on FIFA 21 # Player OVA POT STATS 1. Karim Benzema CF | Real Madrid 89 89 2111 2. Roberto Firmino CF | Liverpool 87 87 2208 3. Dries Mertens CF | Napoli 85 85 2023 4. W. Ben Yedder CF | AS Monaco 84 84 2080 39 more rows …

What is a CF in FIFA 21?

A Center Forward (CF) is an offensive player who has the main role of attacking and scoring goals as a lone forward. This player is usually positioned in center of the attacking line. Among Center Forwards, Karim Benzema has the highest FIFA 21 rating followed by Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira in second and Dries Mertens in third.