How to buy a player in FIFA 20?

How to buy a player in FIFA 20?

Choose a player by clicking on "PICK". Buy the player within a time window of 5 minutes. If you have bought the player with your FIFA Account, click on "Bought". Our system will check if the player has been bought. If the transaction is successful, the amount for the player in $ will be credited to your balance.

Can I transfer my FIFA coins from one account to another?

The purchase prices are always higher than the market prices, so that FIFA Coins can be transferred from your account to another account with our system. The corresponding amount in $ will be credited to you for the amount of FUT Coins that were transferred. How does Player Auction work at myDGN?

When are the prices for FIFA coins updated?

The prices for FIFA Coins are updated daily and can be viewed at any time at both panel, Player Auction and Comfort Trade. Which payment methods does myDGN offer? We will pay out your balance after 1-48 hours using the payment method you have specified.

How can I Sell my FIFA coins?

Selling your FIFA Coins has never been as easy as it is now possible with the myDGN panel. In addition to the API connection, for which is only for professionals with the relevant software, there is also a panel for Comfort Trade, where a customer order is processed directly, i.e. the supplier is responsible for his and the customer account.