How to improve pass speed for AI?

How to improve pass speed for AI?

Failing that you can always adjust the CPU sliders. Try increasing their first touch error and pass error and decreasing their pass speed by a few points. I found world class ai frustrating and dull to play against. Most games the ai would have 60%+ possession and I found it hard to score.

How do you beat world class defenders?

Body faints and just sprint. On World Class only one defender presses the ball at a time so it’s easy to beat them with a body faint. change you defending to legacy and high pressure/contain on defensive setting Soak the pressure and force them out wide, if they cross the ball you’ll easily gain possession.

How to be a Master in FIFA game?

This article has been viewed 172,955 times. Learn more… Do you want to be a master in FIFA game then just follow these steps. Be as close to the goal as you can be. Only shoot within the 18 yard (16.5 m) box.

How do you score in free kicks in FIFA 20?

In legendary difficulty scoring in a free kick is difficult if goalkeeper is of world class difficulty. In this regard try the free kicks by taking the camera to the ultimate right, pressing Q + D +↑+← and giving full power to the shot with a player whose preferred foot is right.