How to use corners and set-pieces in FIFA 17?

How to use corners and set-pieces in FIFA 17?

To get the best out of corners and the set-pieces that come from them in Fifa 17, we advise you to aim for the near or far post. Be careful not to stray too close to the line, as the keeper will simply scoop the ball automatically. This should cause chaos in the box and draw the keeper out for a powerful strike.

How does Ultimate Team work in FIFA 17?

Unlike previous iterations, Fifa 17’s take on Ultimate Team now includes a new parameter that directly links to how well your team gels as a whole. Much like the decisions an actual manager would make, how well one player complements another will affect how well your team performs in any given match.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of FIFA custom tactics?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these FIFA custom tactics: Few players: this strategy places few players inside the opponent’s area at the time of the corner. It decreases the chances of heading, but increases the chances of a volley or long shot after the opposing team clears the ball;

How to do a driven shot in FIFA 17?

Thankfully, EA Canada has addressed the matter with the introduction of Driven Shots and Driven Headers in Fifa 17. To pull one off, you first need to get yourself into the 18-yard box, then when you think you’ve got a clear path to the goal, hold down Circle or B to power up your shot.