Is FIFA 22’s defending tough?

Is FIFA 22’s defending tough?

FIFA 22 has been known so far for its notoriously tricky defending, and we are here to help! Many users on social media have already been complaining about the difficulty of controlling players out of possession in an ability to prevent any thwarting attacks from opposing teams.

How do you defend in FIFA 20?

Computer-controlled or AI defending is much less effective in FIFA 20 than in previous versions of the game, but you should only switch to your centre-backs when you are in close proximity to the forward and are confident that you can win the ball. Do not bring your centre-backs out to the wing when defending.

How to defend in soccer without a backline?

Without a proper backline, there will be a huge hole that opponents can exploit in the game. Jockeying is one of the best ways to defend in the game. It basically forces a player to move their body towards the ball and automatically intercept the ball whenever possible. In fact, players can sprint and jockey at the same time to defend efficiently.

How do you switch players in FIFA 22?

Flicking it in the direction of a player is a great way to switch active players without destroying someone’s position. Chasing players is important while defending in FIFA 22. However, simply sprinting along them isn’t enough — players need to maintain pressure in some form or the other.