What does the FIFA scandal mean for the future of FIFA?

What does the FIFA scandal mean for the future of FIFA?

The FIFA scandal shows that a change in leadership may not be sufficient to reform a corrupt culture, even the culture of one of the highest profile institutions in the world. As a result of the ongoing turmoil, FIFA will find it difficult to overcome its negative image of an organization that resists reform.

How corrupt is FIFA?

The international soccer governing body FIFA has been plagued by corruption for years — and according to many experts, Wednesday’s arrest of seven officials in connection with a bribery investigation is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is the World Cup corruption scandal?

It has recently been dogged by accusations of corruption, particularly after awarding the 2022 World Cup to the tiny but rich and influential Gulf state of Qatar. In December 2014, Fifa chose not to release its own investigation into corruption, instead releasing an executive summary which it said exonerated the bidding process.

What has the FIFA investigation revealed about its culture?

The investigation into FIFA has revealed a toxic culture of unethical behavior, non-compliance and corruption that started from the top and trickled down to every facet of the organization. This culture became so entrenched in FIFA, that reform looked to be a monumental undertaking.