What is the prize money for the 2021 Champions League?

What is the prize money for the 2021 Champions League?

2021 Champions League final prize money The Champions League finalists will each get $18.3 million, but the winner will net an additional $4.88 million for automatically qualifying for the UEFA Super Cup, a one-off match against the UEFA Europa League winners, Villarreal CF. Champions League Winner: $23.18 million

What is the UEFA Champions League prize pot?

The UEFA Champions League prize pot stands at a whopping €1.95 billion, which is distributed among all participants. Here is the brief bifurcation of the prize. – 25 per cent (€488m) is allotted as guaranteed payments to the teams who qualified for the Champions League.

What is the UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League is the pinnacle of cup football, altering the financial stratosphere of the clubs who are able to qualify for the competition through their domestic leagues.

How much do Champions League winners get paid?

Champions League Winner: $23.18 million Champions League Runner-up: $18.3 million The full outline of prize money for the current 2020-2021 edition of the Champions League follows in the table below. Making the group stage alone is enough for all 32 clubs to cash in an automatic $18.6 million.