What team kit do you get in dreamballs Italia?

What team kit do you get in dreamballs Italia?

Play in the perfect Dreamballs Italia team kit with a wide range of colours. Numbers included.. Adidas Squadra Team Kit (14 pack) Control the ball, control the match. Sharpening your footba.. Prepare for battle in the Xwolf SubZero Team Kit, helping you take it to the top with key X-C..

Where can I buy soccer kit in South Africa?

No products in the cart. Order your Soccer team kit, teamwear and equipment at SA’s premium online sports store. South Africa LOVES Soccer! At SASportsGear we stand proudly behind all our athletes to help them perform at their best.

Which clubs do our replica kits include?

Whether you’re watching with your mates on the sofa or singing from the stands, our replica kits make it easy to share the love. We have strips from world-class clubs like Liverpool FC, Galatasaray, FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

What are our football kits made for?

Our football kits are made for playing in as well as cheering on the squad – so once it’s all over, you can head out to the park and recreate the best moments from the match.