When does the weekend league start in FIFA 22?

When does the weekend league start in FIFA 22?

The first Weekend League in FIFA 22 starts on Friday, October 8th. This weekend, the FIFA community will play the biggest mode in FIFA 22. What awaits you? And how can you qualify for the FUT Champions Finals?

What is the weekend league and how does it work?

It’s always a commitment to play the Weekend League, as gamers are required to qualify during the week (Monday-Thursday) before entering the competition. There is then a set number of games that gamers can play from Friday-Sunday (previously 30) to stack up as many wins as possible.

How long is a division rivals season in FIFA 22?

Division Rivals is now a seasonal competition tied to the entire FUT season. A season lasts about 6 weeks. We already know the season-based mode from FIFA 18. How strong will the top teams be in FIFA 22?

What is the FIFA 22 Fut Champs playoffs?

Instead of having to grind through Division Rivals every week with your newly-found FIFA 22 FUT Heroes, players will have to qualify for the FIFA 22 Weekend League through the FUT Champs playoffs. Division Rivals points will still have to be notched up in order to qualify for Playoffs, although the assumption is that this will be a reduced rate.