Which team has the lowest total defended in World Cup?

Which team has the lowest total defended in World Cup?

If we keep a track on the lowest total defended in World Cup, Zimbabwe tops the list. Zimbabwe successfully made a record in the history of cricket in the World Cup of 1992. The match took place between Zimbabwe and England where Zimbabwe won the match in Albury.

How many countries are in the FIFA World Cup?

After this, 32 teams, including the automatically qualifying host nation(s), compete in the tournament phase for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month. The 21 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight national teams.

When did the defending champions get to play in the World Cup?

This right was also granted to the defending champions between 1938 and 2002, but was withdrawn from the 2006 FIFA World Cup onward, requiring the champions to qualify. Brazil, winners in 2002, were the first defending champions to play qualifying matches. [66]

How many countries are playing in the 2022 World Cup?

Over 200 countries from across the world started for a place in the quadrennial event but only 32 teams, including hosts Qatar, will be a part of the 2022 World Cup. In the last few months, several teams have already confirmed their presence at the Qatar World Cup after the completion of the first round of qualifiers.