Who is the best free kick taker in FIFA 18?

Who is the best free kick taker in FIFA 18?

Indeed, Brazilian icon Juninho once referred to Pjanic as the best free kick taker in the world – and it doesn’t get much better than that. All in all, the player is a great option for free kicks in FIFA 18. 2. Hakan Calhanoglu

Is Andrea Pirlo the best player on FIFA 18?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Andrea Pirlo is one of the greats of the game. A midfield general with a career that has spanned over two decades, Pirlo truly cemented his place as a great while at AC Milan. Although now perhaps past his best, there’s no taking away from Pirlo’s ability to score from a set piece, and that’s certainly true in FIFA 18.

How do you kick the ball under the wall in football?

If you’re trying to drive the ball under the wall, aim at a spot between an unsuspecting defender’s legs, and hold L1/LB and shoot, with one bar of power, while pushing the left stick upwards. Trivela free-kicks are the flashiest of the flash, as it’ll see a player use the outside of their boot to try to curl the ball home.