Why did UEFA fine AC Milan in 1978?

Why did UEFA fine AC Milan in 1978?

On 23 November 1978, UEFA fined Milan $14,000 for a bribery attempt to the Scottish referee John Gordon and linesmen Rollo Kyle and David McCartney (Italian club took the officials to shop for free the day before the game). Curiously, UEFA did not sanction the referee at all, however, Scottish Football Association suspended him.

Who won the 1978–79 UEFA Cup?

The 1978–79 UEFA Cup was won by Borussia Mönchengladbach on aggregate over Red Star Belgrade . The third club was revoked to Switzerland and Poland, and it was assigned to Bulgaria and East Germany. Agg.

What were the qualification rounds of the 1978 World Cup?

For an overview of the qualification rounds, see the article 1978 FIFA World Cup qualification . A total of 32 UEFA teams entered the competition. The European zone was allocated 9.5 places (out of 16) in the final tournament. West Germany, the defending champions, qualified automatically, leaving 8.5 spots open for competition between 31 teams.