Why is defending important in soccer?

Why is defending important in soccer?

Defending and stopping other teams from creating chances is just as important as attacking and scoring goals. The first and most important step to building a successful defensive team is to teach your players how to defend in 1v1 situations.

What is a 1v1 defense in soccer?

This 1v1 soccer defending drill will isolate the defender to focus on the first defender and defending the dribble. Modify this drill to focus on the first attacker taking on the defender.

How do attackers beat defenders in soccer?

Attackers, on the flip side, typically have to be more creative to beat defenders. Simply pressuring the attacker will often cause the attacker to turn over possession. An aspect of defending which we cannot overlook is the need to quickly go on the attack once the defender has won possession.

What are some good 1v1 defending drills?

This is a good 1v1 defending drill that helps players focus on their positioning and forces attackers into certain areas. After you have set up your area and divided your players into two teams, place the defenders in one corner with a soccer ball and set up the attackers diagonally across the opposite corners.