ADL: Hope Sarri wins nothing

Napoli patron Aurelio De Laurentiis says he hopes Maurizio Sarri wins nothing at Juventus and that ‘time has proved me right‘ about his character.

De Laurentiis regularly criticised Sarri towards the end of his Napoli reign and when he joined Chelsea last summer, and the Partenopei President has once more taken aim at the Coach following his move to Juve.

“Maurizio’s a good Coach, I saw a lot of him,” he told Corriere dall Sera.

“I’m not surprised, football is no longer about icons. He didn’t win anything here and he may not even win in Turin. He’s a rival and I can only wish him that [he doesn’t win].

“I’m all for freedom, therefore I respect his choice. People can do whatever they like, but they must take responsibility.

“I never believed in Sarri’s absolute love for Napoli, and time has proved me right. I often reiterate that I’m all for monogamy, I believe in marriage and I’ve been at Napoli for 15 years, although a section of our fans have tried to get in my way.

“Arguments can happen, but the important thing is to remain faithful to the cause and for the love of our colours. Mine was a choice from my heart, and it remains so.

“He works 15 hours a day and only thinks about the pitch. He has no time for human relations, at least in the workplace.

“I believe that in three years at Napoli, he never participated in a team dinner with his players.

“He only thought about our games, about the management of our players on the pitch. 

The rest is a world that he isn’t a part of, and that can be a good or bad thing.

“Right now he has Juventus in his head, and that’s set his ambition machine in motion. He may have upset people, but his priorities lie elsewhere.

“I understand the disappointment of the Napoli fans. They live football in a visceral way and Sarri had taken part of their souls.

“Sarri is smart and clever, he’s used to working for himself. Then there’s style and elegance…

“Sarri is a stadium man, a curva man, who does everything to please the fans. Ancelotti is a business man, a person of the world. It’s nice talking to him about things besides football.

“Maurizio will need time, his club will have to give it to him, but it’ll be fun when Ancelotti beats him on the field.”

The movie mogul was then asked about the transfer market – and he could not help but throw more shade at the 60-year-old.

“There are many names on the table. Carlo asked me for James Rodriguez, so I’ll try to please him.

“Lozano and Manolas are also on the table, but we’re following other players too. We’re starting again from a good base.

“I tell the Napoli fans to trust those who have never betrayed them so far…”

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