Allegri: 'I don't have a club, so…'

Max Allegri is “curious to watch” the next Serie A season and hints his sabbatical wasn’t entirely his choice. “I don’t have a club, so I’m having a vacation.”

The Coach was let go by Juventus with a year left to run on his contract and will likely be replaced by Maurizio Sarri, while Antonio Conte took the Inter job.

Speaking to the Corriere dello Sport at a sponsorship event in Milan last night, Allegri was asked if he had any advice for Sarri.

“Absolutely not. None of this has anything to do with me anymore, so I’m just curious to watch what will be I’m sure a wonderful Serie A tournament.”

He said this week that he was taking a year off, but then hinted it might not be all that independent an initiative.

“Quite simply, I don’t have a club, so I have to stay out and now I’m going to have a lovely vacation.”

Allegri had been linked with Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

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