Are there any bugs in FIFA 21?

Are there any bugs in FIFA 21?

A large number of bugs and glitches are found in each new part of FIFA. For example, when FIFA 20 came out, the players quickly figured out how to easily score from corners. It was very unpleasant, especially for those to whom such goals were scored literally from every corner. But for sure, FIFA 21 sorted out this problem. Unfortunately no.

Can you score goals from corners in FIFA 21?

At the same time in FIFA 20 corner kicks became almost useless and it was extremely difficult to score directly from corner kicks. Thus, players instead of long and lob passes started just to use short passes to keep posession of the ball. Now the situation is completely different and you can score goals from corners in FIFA 21.

How to do corner kick tactics in FIFA 21?

Corner kick tactics in FIFA 21: Like it was a case in previous FIFA versions it is better to call one of your players to corner flag wiht “R1” button (choosing which player to call with “L1”). Thus, disattracting one of the defenders from penalty box, who will have to follow your player.

What is a good free kick accuracy for a player?

Player attributes: Free kick accuracy should be as high as possible (around 90) as well as “curve” attribute. For shooting players 2 attributes are crucial: “jumping” and height of the player.