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Barzagli: 'Guardiola could come to Juve'

Andrea Barzagli warns Maurizio Sarri isn’t the Juventus Coach yet and it could be Pep Guardiola. “Nobody believed it when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived.”

After Max Allegri was dismissed, Chelsea boss Sarri became the hot favourite, but some still maintain Guardiola is trying to secure a release from Manchester City.

“People seem to take Sarri for granted, but a decision hasn’t been made yet and there are still a lot of names being mentioned,” Barzagli said during an awards ceremony in Catanzaro.

“The Bianconeri directors have barely put a foot wrong over the last few years and in my view, they’ve chosen the right man: if it’s someone with a new idea or much the same, that I don’t know.

“I don’t know what the situation is at Juve, but I hear talk of Guardiola and it’s nice to dream. After all, nobody believed it last year when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived, but dreams can come true. We’ll see when the club makes its announcement.

“Allegri worked under stress for five years and was criticised too much, but he did well and continued the winning streak started by Antonio Conte.”

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