Can a 5-year-old play soccer?

Can a 5-year-old play soccer?

There are many skills for a 5-year-old to learn playing soccer. This article will guide you will skills, practice, and drills. The ripe age of 5 is when many kids first try their hand (or foot) at soccer. The truth is that many of these bright-eyes 5-year-olds won’t end up playing professional soccer, and that’s okay!

What is Academy League Soccer?

Our Academy league coaches teach children the preliminaries of competitive soccer, sportsmanship, and team play. We offer children the experience of playing on a team, while focusing on player development and fun. All our practices and games lay the foundation for competitive soccer in a relaxed atmosphere.

What is the i9 youth soccer program?

i9 Sports offers a one-day a week kids soccer league that allows your child to develop a mastery of soccer fundamentals as well as build on their skills as they grow. The i9 Sports youth soccer curriculum includes drills and game play designed for all skill and age levels.

What is the Beginner’s soccer program?

This program is designed as an introductory program for players 3-8 years old for both those experienced and those also new to the game. Our coaches are engaged, enthusiastic and ready to have fun. They will provide the guidance for your player to learn the fundamentals promoting physical, psychological and social growth.