Can you extend a loan player's card?

Can you extend a loan player’s card?

However, you cannot apply contracts to his card to extend the loan. As soon as he runs out of contract, he becomes useless. Except for contracts, all other consumables work OK on loan players.

Is there a way to sign a player to a permanent deal?

So even though there is no direct option to sign him to a permanent deal, this does the same job its just a bit more long winded. I have the same problem with a loan with option to buy.

How do loan players work in FIFA 21?

You can play with several players on loan at the same time. You can also own on your squad a loan player and his definitive card but you can only use one at a time. You cannot sell loan players items, which means that you will not find them on the FUT transfer market. If you try to discard them, you will receive 0 coins.

How to exchange Fut XP in FIFA 21?

You can exchange your FUT XP by players on loan. The list is published here. FIFA 21 has three editions. Each one has different offers but all of them include loan players.