Can you play FIFA 23 Early Access on EA Play?

Can you play FIFA 23 Early Access on EA Play?

FIFA 23 is set to launch on September 30, but you can get your hands on the game early once you know what to do. Now that FIFA 23 early access has been officially confirmed by EA, here are all of the options you have to play the game early. A subscription to EA Play gives you ten hour early access trials to all EA titles, including FIFA 23.

How can I get FIFA 23 for free?

So, if you’re looking to get early access to FIFA 23, then you can either pre-order one of the more expensive editions of the game if you’re truly football mad, or you can subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play and go hands-on with the free trial that usually happens around a week before launch.

Should you pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition now?

Finally, pre-ordering a copy of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition will probably allow you to get early access to the full game, without any limitations in terms of modes or playtime. You can expect to start playing FIFA 23 up to four days before launch if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition now.