Champions League: Tottenham defender Danny Rose reminded of loss to Liverpool

Danny Rose started in Tottenham’s Champions League final defeat by Liverpool

Tottenham defender Danny Rose says it was “draining” being on England duty with Liverpool players after losing to them in the Champions League final.

Liverpool won 2-0, five days before England played in the Nations League.

Rose was one of four Spurs players in the squad, while Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez were also selected.

“You are reminded every day you lost and that was a unique experience for me,” said the left-back, 28.

Rose said he was tired after a long season with Tottenham but that playing for England is an occasion he “will always welcome and cherish”.

“It’s not draining coming to play for your country,” added Rose, who made 37 appearances for Tottenham last season and started in the Champions League final loss.

“It is a bit draining having lost last weekend and having to share the camp with Liverpool players.

“I have never been through that myself. I was definitely tired from a long season with my club and having to come to England didn’t help.

“But as I said, whenever you’re selected for England it is a great occasion.”

Rose spoke about the final with the Liverpool players and said they had “been great”, adding: “I couldn’t have asked for them to have been much better than they have.”

The defender said on Sunday he was not sure if he will still be at Tottenham next season and will have to “wait and see” whether he returns to the club.

“If I’m back at Tottenham next season, great, if I’m not – great,” Rose told Sky Sports. “I don’t know what the future holds now but I’m looking forward to a break.

“It’s not about regular first-team football. I know my age and I know how the club’s run in terms of if you get to a certain age they might look to ship you on.”

Rumours surrounding Rose’s future have been circulating in recent weeks and the England defender says it is “no secret” he has been mentioned as a player potentially on the move.

“I’ll be just sitting tight over the next few weeks and just seeing what happens,” he added. “Either way, I’m prepared for whatever happens.

“Last season I didn’t play as much as I wanted. This season I’ve played quite a bit, it’s been really good.”

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