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Commisso: At Fiorentina to win

Rocco Commisso says he bought Fiorentina ‘to win things’, Franck Ribery is a statement of his intent and that he has ‘kept his promise’ about Federico Chiesa.

Commisso has wasted no time in bringing change to Fiorentina, financing a squad rebuild that has seen the likes of Ribery arrive from Bayern Munich.

“Mediacom was founded in 1995 and I hope it brings Fiorentina good luck,” he told reporters at the unveiling of the club’s new sponsors.

“We want to invest in the most beautiful city in the world and at a team who haven’t done very well in recent years.

“Mediacom is now the fifth largest cable company in the US, but it wasn’t like that at the beginning.

“I also hope Fiorentina benefit from that, but I need time. I won’t say how much the sponsorship is worth, but it’s a multi-million deal.

 “I’ve opened my wallet and they’re using it! We have 24,000 season-ticket holders. We hope to exceed 25,000, but it’s still a great success.

“I thank everyone for the affection they’ gave me since day one. They’ve mellowed me and when I returned to New York, I said I had to do something important for Fiorentina.

“I met Ribery and Boateng at a hotel. Without my wife I wouldn’t be in Florence, just as theirs were important in their choices.

“We’ve done a great job to rebuild the team.  I said we could lose on the field, but while working hard and giving our best like I used to do as a player.

“I wasn’t very good, even though I was a captain, but commitment was a priority. I expect that from tomorrow’s game, giving our best and always believing in ourselves.

“I want to be in contact with Fiorentina every day. I didn’t buy them as a hobby or for business, but rather out of passion and responsibility towards the fans.

“I want to invest and win things, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

The Italo-American tycoon then reiterated Chiesa would be staying at the Artemio Franchi for the foreseeable future.

“I’d promised not to take Chiesa away from Fiorentina to a child at a pediatric hospital and I kept my promise.”

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