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Commisso: 'Trembling for Fiorentina'

Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso is “trembling” ahead of their Serie A season opener with Napoli. “The fans want me in the Curva, but I’ve got a bad back!”

It kicks off at 19.45 UK time (18.45 GMT),click here for the line-ups and LIVEBLOG.

Commisso flew in from New York last night and is in the stands of the Stadio Franchi for the first Serie A game of his tenure, hosting Scudetto challengers Napoli.

He soaked up the love from the crowd in the Stadio Franchi as he walked out with a Viola scarf before kick-off.

“I am trembling! It’s too great, this emotion, in Italy to see my team play for the first time,” Commisso told Sky Sport Italia.

“I’ve done about 500 selfies today, they want me in the Curva, I’m ageing by the minute, but it’s wonderful. I’d love to go with the ultras in the Curva, but I am old, I have a bad back, it’s too much!

“What really got me emotional was when I stepped into the stadium. I was accustomed to being in the stands, not walking out to that reception. They touched my heart and I have to repay that.”

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