Do most Fut founders play Ulimate team?

Do most Fut founders play Ulimate team?

yes 100% FUT founders have been playing Ulimate Team since the 1st season – FIFA 12 (i think) That is complete bull $#!? I’ve been a FUT Founder and my first Ultimate Team was FIFA 13 however my Fut Founder tag has gone now but i did make a new account in 2014 (Fifa14)

What does it mean if you have the FIFA title Fut?

99 percent sure it means they have played the FIFA year when FUT was first introduced during the first month of release to get that title.

What is a Fut founder card?

A FUT founder is somebody who played the first FUT in its first few months of release I think (way back on FIFA 09). It’s one of the few people who helped created FUT. They get a card made of them with stats of their choice. No it’s not…