Galeone: 'Allegri betrayed by Juve'

Mentor Giovanni Galeone reveals Max Allegri “feels betrayed by Juventus,” while replacement Maurizio Sarri “is not prepared for some situations.”

In the days after his dismissal, Allegri published an image of his lunch with former Pescara Coach Galeone and new Milan boss Marco Giampaolo, as both see the veteran as a father figure.

“Allegri was really upset and feels betrayed by Juventus. He is particularly let down by President Andrea Agnelli,” Galeone told Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper.

“He hasn’t got over that yet, but I’ve been advising him to leave Juve for years. I’ve had trouble with Juve since 1958… they are arrogant and act like they own everything.

“Juventus would never have called me in, but I would’ve liked to work at Dino Viola’s Roma or Diego Maradona’s Napoli.”

Sarri was an unexpected replacement for Allegri, coming from Chelsea only a year after his exploits at Napoli.

“He’s a bit chaotic and is not prepared for some situations. When I read some statements of his last year, I considered whether they were opportune.

“This desire to always prove his left-wing credentials too, there’s no need for it. Giampaolo is proper old school Bertinotti and Rifondazione party left-wing, but he never talks about it. In fact, now (right-wing former Prime Minister and Milan owner Silvio) Berlusconi wants to talk to him.

“If we want to talk about a Coach as a guru, then I’d say Gian Piero Gasperini, as he is a genius. Even as a player, he never got a movement wrong, always played with his butt leaning forward. He gets really angry and has a terrible character, but he’s so talented.

“Gasp was already a Coach on the field and that is fundamental, someone who can really see the game. Allegri was much the same, he was the best.”

Galeone didn’t hold back on the modern selection of players either.

“Between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, I’d take Messi any day. Players nowadays do what they want and have an exaggerated power over their contracts, so they don’t stay in their lane. You end up with a situation like Mauro Icardi demanding he speak to the President of Inter.”

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