How did this teenager spend nearly £3K on loot boxes?

How did this teenager spend nearly £3K on loot boxes?

How one teenager spent nearly £3,000 on his "addiction" to video game loot boxes. Like many teenagers, Jonathan Peniket enjoyed buying random player "packs" to build up his team on the Fifa football video game.

Are FIFA loot boxes gambling?

While the U.K. eventually ruled FIFA loot boxes didn’t constitute gambling, other European nations aren’t quite so sure. In 2018, the Belgium Gaming Authority decreed loot boxes did, in fact, constitute gambling and threatened criminal prosecution against EA if they refused to remove them.

Will EA ever give up the fight against loot boxes?

EA will most likely never give up its fight to keep loot boxes in its games for as long as the microtransaction economy in FIFA Ultimate Team alone has earned the company over $6 billion, more than enough to make the potential €5 million fine to the Netherlands look like chump change.

How much will EA be fined for FIFA Ultimate Team loot boxes?

The court of The Hague has ruled the Netherlands Gaming Authority is allowed to fine EA €500,000 a week for as long as it continues to sell loot boxes in FIFA Ultimate Team.