How do I cancel my EA subscription?

How do I cancel my EA subscription?

To cancel the EA account subscription, you should contact EA customer service directly. This can be done via email through your EA account as well as by phone. Keep in mind when canceling all user and data, and all access to purchased games, in-game purchases, and linked data will be lost.

Can I Delete my EA Origin account?

If you want to delete your Origin account, but only find instructions for the EA account, don’t worry. For quite some time, EA had been planning to rename its game download platform Origin Launcher. Since 2020, Origin has been known as the “ EA Desktop App ” following a rebranding and is still used to buy, download, and install EA games.

How do I close or Delete my Playdemic account data?

If you want to close your Playdemic account or request that we delete your Playdemic account data: Visit HelpShift and raise a ticket. Select Accountas the ticket category, then select Privacy Request. ⚠️ If you have a Playdemic account and an EA Account, you’ll still need to contact us for help with your EA Account.

How do I Delete my EA Play account?

If you have an EA Play subscription on your console, you’ll need to contact Microsoft or Sony to cancel it. Any Terms of Service violations that may be associated with your games or account will remain. Deleting your mobile account is permanent across all devices.