How do I get rank shards?

How do I get rank shards?

Sometimes you can get Rank Shards for free just by playing events, sometimes you have to trade your players to earn them through SBC, and sometimes you have to redeem them for gems in the Store. The way to rank up players and spend your rank shards (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) is very easy.

What is a rank up in FIFA 20 mobile?

FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups: An Introduction For all those who are unfamiliar with the concept of Ranks and are new this year, here are a little heads up. Rank ups were previously used to rank up a player after he reaches 100 OVR. By using rank up, even though the attributes of the players don’t increase, but your team’s OVR will.

How high can you rank up in PUBG Mobile?

As long as the player is 80 OVR or higher, you can rank him up. The second big change from seasons past is the non-requirement of the duplicate player.

Can you rank up in FIFA Mobile without OVR?

But for FIFA Mobile 20 (Season 4) and FIFA Mobile 21 (Season 5), you can Rank Up any player that you want even if their OVR hasn’t reached 100. In FIFA Mobile 18 (Season 2), you must have a duplicate card from the player that you want to rank up. The card version, position and OVR do not matter as long as they remain the same player.