How do I get Robert Lewandowski in FIFA 21?

How do I get Robert Lewandowski in FIFA 21?

The Polish star gained the award after scoring nine goals in Bundesliga matches in October. EA Sports added a 93-rated Player of the Month (POTM) version of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich to FIFA 21 today. This item is available through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 2 1 Ultimate Team.

What are the new celebrations in FIFA 22?

Just four new moves get added to the FIFA 22 celebrations list, but thankfully there are still numerous ways to toast your latest sweaty two-yard tap-in. The additions to FIFA 22 are called Fingers, Time Check, Point, and Picture, and below we explain how to do those, as well as all returning moves.

How do you complete the POTM Lewandowski SBC?

If you want to complete the POTM Lewandowski SBC, you’ll need to turn in three different squads. The first team must be 85-rated with 80 chemistry minimum and one player from Bayern Munich.