How do I play Squad Battles?

How do I play Squad Battles?

In Squad Battles, you select the difficulty level of the AI before each match, and the higher the difficulty, the more points you earn. So if you can beat the AI on higher difficulties, you can make it to the more exciting reward tiers in fewer matches each week.

What are squad battles in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

Squad Battles may not be the most glamorous part of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but they are a straightforward and reliable way to get your hands on extra coins and nice packs. If you also get pre-order packs on Mondays, then you can wake up to quite a handy little bundle between those and the rewards for completing Squad Battles.

How long does it take to win squad battles in FIFA 22?

Assuming you play Professional or World Class, it should be possible to achieve Gold 1 with a dozen victories, which equates to around three hours’ gameplay. For that you get 8,000 coins and three decent tradeable packs. Here is the complete breakdown of Squad Battles rewards in FIFA 22:

How do you beat the AI in FIFA 21 Ultimate difficulty?

Running fake shots have always been a sure-fire way to break down the AI, and Ultimate difficulty is no different. Making sure to perform running fake shots is a great way to burst free of defenders on the break to create more goal-scoring opportunities.