How do you unlock SBC players?

How do you unlock SBC players?

The SBC players you unlock will depend on the time of year, but at the time of writing there’s a very juicy Premier League Player of the Month Bruno Fernandes card available for a few more days. This requires two 84-rated squads, plus 85, 86, 87 and 88-rated squads to complete, with a few in-forms in there for good measure.

What are the requirements for crafting SBCs?

Requirements vary depending on the reward, and typically there’s a sweet spot for crafters. SBC Players – The goal of your grind is to funnel high-end fodder (especially duplicates) into expensive player SBCs, including Player of the Month and Icons, which are often available in-game over a long period.

How do SBCs work in Premier League?

These allowed players to exchange a squad of common or rare gold players (with low chemistry requirements) for packs containing, for example, 12 gold Premier League players including three rares. Unwanted cards could then be cycled back into these packs. Naturally the volume of players in your club dwindles as you cycle cards through the SBCs.

What is the FIFA 21 upgrade SBC strategy?

Essentially, it’s possible to cycle unimportant players through various FIFA 21 upgrade SBCs repeatedly until you pack something with a high face value. You then use those high-value cards to ‘craft’ expensive SBC players that would otherwise cost lots of coins to unlock.