How does determination affect a player's performance?

How does determination affect a player’s performance?

So if (for example) you happen to have a player with high Determination but his team mates – especially influential team mates (ie., check Dynamics) – happen to have broadly lower Determination, that player may see his Determination drop and become more in line with the rest of his team mates.

Why do I still get Red Arrows in my stats?

The non-visual issue imho is the cases where you still get red arrows due to "rebalancing" rather than a fluctuation in the player’s ability due to injuries, game time, beginnings of physical decline or developmental issues. Good that SI has eliminated most of those, but players losing skills to balance ability upon learning to become accomplish…

Why do my stars decrease when players get better?

The stars are based on your club. If the players at your club are improving then obviously their potential stars are going to reduce because you have better players than when they 1st signed. I don’t believe it’s overall club related evaluation since they all lose both ability [left row] AND potential [right row] stars.

How does the game rebalance growth?

So during that period a player could actually develop more than allowed as the check won’t happen until the end of that period. When that happens, the game rebalances that high amount of growth by reducing attributes – but it reduces attributes across the board, rather than just targeting a few.