How many badges are in a football manager pack?

How many badges are in a football manager pack?

You can go nuts with a complete pack that has over 300,000 badges, if you so wish. As an alternative, we can also recommend TCMLogos, who are also a good resource for custom designs for other aspects of Football Manager.

What are the best FIFA 22 badges?

The way the lion fills the circle is insane. This is one of the most popular FIFA 22 badges. If you like it but want to be original, you may look first to the Red Bull Salzburg or the Red Bull Leipzig. Boosts your confidence with ‘Red Bull gives you wings’.

What are the features of FIFA MANAGER 14?

FIFA Manager 14 delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits, rosters and statistics but no updates to gameplay or game modes. Over 1000 officially licensed clubs, featuring more than 35,000 players, across more than 70 licensed leagues.

How to add badges and logos in football manager 2022?

Here’s how you add real badges and logos in Football Manager 2022. First off, you need to actually find yourself a badge pack for FM 22. If you used one last year, you will be able to reuse that this year as well. If not, read on and find out how to get yourself some new bling.