How many caps did David Beckham win in his career?

How many caps did David Beckham win in his career?

After his final match, the Parc Des Princes stood up in unison to say goodbye to a player who had given so much to The World’s Game. Beckham ended his career with 17 major honours from four different clubs and 115 caps for his country. It’s safe to say: his dreams came true.

How do I claim icon Beckham?

You can claim Icon Beckham (87 OVR), Event Icon Beckham (95 OVR), and Prime Icon Beckham (100 OVR) here. Before you can claim Icon Beckham, you must complete Career I. After that choose between CM or RM position for your Icon Beckham. You can switch positions when you upgrade him to Event or Prime Icon.

How do you get the Beckham 95 event icon?

To get Beckham 95 (Event Icon Beckham), first you must train your Icon beckham to 95 OVR using Beckham XPs. Then, complete Career II and exchange your trained 95 OVR Icon Beckham into 95 OVR Event Icon Beckham in the Event Icon Upgrade. How do you get Beckham XPs?

When do David Beckham’s icons come out in FIFA 21?

"Play FIFA 21 by January 15th 2021 and starting December 15th, you’ll receive an untradeable, one-of-a-kind David Beckham Item to add to your dream squad in FUT," the website reads. EA Sports, back in September, had confirmed that ICONs will be implemented in a different manner for FIFA 21.