How many cups are there in football in France?

How many cups are there in football in France?

Besides Ligue 1, there were two national cups until 2020. The French cup is named in French La Coupe de France where professional and amateur French teams take part. The other one is La Coupe de la Ligue where only professional football teams take part in the competition.

What is the history of the French football team?

Ousmane Dembélé with the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The France national team was officially founded in 1904, shortly before FIFA’s foundation in the same year (they had, however, participated in the 1900 Olympic Games and won a silver medal). They played their first official match against Belgium in Brussels, securing a 3-3 draw.

Why is football/soccer so popular in France?

One of the reasons is that football/soccer is the most popular sport in France. By the way, I wrote an article about the most popular sports in France if you are curious about it here is the article The 10 Most Popular Sports in France. The French football team won twice the World Cup in 1998 and in 2018.

What was France’s first ever football game?

France’s first ever game was held on 1 May 1904 in a match against Belgium that ended in a 3–3 draw. The match was played at the Stade du Vivier d’Oie in Uccle ( Brussels) and the three French goals came from Louis Mesnier, Marius Royet, and Gaston Cyprès.