How many goals did Messi and Ronaldo score in the finals?

How many goals did Messi and Ronaldo score in the finals?

Messi vs Ronaldo Goals Goals Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Free kick goals 54 57 Penalty goals 101 139 Hattrick Goals 54 57 Braces goals 134 127 Goals Scored in the Finals

How tall is Messi height and weight?

24 June 1987 (age 34 years) 5 February 1985 (36 years) Height 170 cm 185 cm Weight 72 kg 80 kg All-time career goals 748 783 Games played 929 1073 Messi vs Ronaldo Stats Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 790 goals in 1080 games in his entire career (0.73 goals per game). Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has scored 752 goals in 935 games (0.80 goals per game).

Who is better Messi or Ronaldo FIFA 21?

FIFA’s Ronaldo was always second, usually one point behind Messi, until FIFA 17, when they switched and Ronaldo was given a 94 rating to Messi’s 93. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best players in FIFA 21. They’re commonly accepted as the two best footballers of their generation, and they’ve also been the two highest-rated players in …

Who is the best player on FIFA 22?

Messi still reigns supreme as the best player on the game despite being 32 years old. In fact, Lewnadowski is 33 and Ronaldo is 36 – so experience counts on FIFA 22, apparently. Ronaldo and Messi are the best players of their generation and many believe two of the best to ever play the game.