How many people watch World Cup 2018?

How many people watch World Cup 2018?

How Many People Watch World Cup 2018 TV viewers: 3.262 billion Out-of-home and/or digital viewers: 310 million Total: 3.572 billion

How many people watch FIFA?

FIFA used an estimated global population of 6.962 billion for this number. There are, of course, more humans on this planet, but FIFA only used those 4 and older for its numbers. Plus — and this is important for all these giant viewership numbers — that’s how many people watched for at least one minute.

Was World Cup TV viewership up or down?

However, this number was a 27.7 percent increase over the 2014 World Cup in Brazil (compared to a 2.2 percent increase in one-minute viewership). While overall World Cup TV numbers were up, two areas of the world saw significant decreases in TV viewership.

What percentage of South America watches the World Cup?

According to FIFA, 96.6 percent of South America watched at least one minute of the World Cup. That’s insane, if not a little unbelievable. Europe was again second in proportion of viewership with a reported 86.1 percent of its population watching.