How many people watched the Champions League final on social media?

How many people watched the Champions League final on social media?

Of these, two billion were direct engagements with Uefa’s official accounts. The final drew in 397 million views and interactions across social platforms, which was more than twice the number of engagements of any previous match in the tournament. The top trending post was viewed 59 million times on TikTok.

What are the most watched moments from UEFA Euro 2020?

Audiences for UEFA EURO 2020 are ranked among the most viewed moments of all time. Digital engagement figures also demonstrate the enormous global appeal of the competition. Fans watching the UEFA EURO 2020 group stage match between Hungary and France in Budapest, Hungary. UEFA via Getty Images

How many viewers watched the UEFA Women’s Euro?

Following the conclusion of the quarter-finals on Saturday, this tournament has produced more viewers than any previous edition of the UEFA Women’s EURO, watching live coverage of the matches. The previous cumulative total audience record, of 164m was set at the last edition in the Netherlands.

How many views did Euroeuro 2020 get on social media?

Euro 2020 was the ‘most engaged’ European Championships so far, with 7.5 billion interactions and views, of which two billion were generated by official UEFA accounts. Epstein said: ‘Digitally, we have seen incredible engagement during the tournament, and we are extremely satisfied with the performance of our own UEFA platforms.