How to transfer a player from loan to transfer list?

How to transfer a player from loan to transfer list?

GO to squad hub, take player off loan list and put that player on the transfer list. Dont know why this works, but it does for me all the time. The issue is that even though you accept the loan offer, the other team cant afford the wages so the talks breaks down.

How do you sell players in FIFA 23?

Easiest way to sell is to include the deadwood for the players you are buying. GK kit selections… are you serious EA… You best believe I’ll be straight on the career mode! If there’s anything people want to find out let me know! I’m 3 games into Fifa 23 player career mode. I’m a ST, so far i’ve played LW, RCM and LCM. GG EA

What happens when you buy a player from another team?

If you add one of these, the team you are buying the player from receives some additional funds if you sell him again in the future. The other team’s negotiator may come back with a counteroffer. If they do, you can accept their proposal or make some amendments.

How do I make a transfer in FIFA 21?

At its most basic, making a transfer in FIFA 21 is simple. Here, we have received a transfer offer for one of our players. On the right we can see how much we can expect to sell the player for, and that the offer falls within this range. If you just want to sell the player, press A/X to show actions, then click Accept Offer.