Is FIFA a good game for esports?

Is FIFA a good game for esports?

FIFA not only made its place as a video game but also as an excellent eSports game. It took over the eSports platform as soon as it made its entry. The game received great love and appreciation by the players and they loved the idea of introducing the game to the eSports platform.

Is FIFA’s partnership with EA Sports coming to an end?

One of the longest partnerships in gaming history is about to end. FIFA (the game) dominated the football simulation field with games released every year since the 90s. Yet, the FIFA organization is ending its partnership with developer EA Sports. So what will happen next?

What is FIFA eWorld Cup?

With the pinnacle event of the year is in the form of the FIFA eWorld Cup, the esport holds the record as being the most available esports game as over 2.5 million players signed up back in 2015. To qualify, players compete in local eLeagues corresponding to the traditional football league of the respective regions.

What is FIFA ( FIFA Soccer)?

Electronic Arts (EA) annually releases a series of football simulator or association football video game under its EA Sports label, titled as FIFA. It is also known as FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football. The manufacturer company started releasing the series in 1993. After its release, the game gave a tough competition to existing video games.