Is the new Google Wallet coming to Android?

Is the new Google Wallet coming to Android?

Update 7/20: As of Wednesday morning, the new Google Wallet is widely rolling out on Android and Wear OS. The Play Store listinghas been updated with the new icon, description, and screenshots.

How do I schedule a staged roll-out for my App?

Scroll to the "Staged roll-out" section. Enter a roll-out percentage. Under “Country availability,” select Select specific countries/regions, check the box next to any country/region you want your app to be available in as part of your staged roll-out. Click Start rollout to production.

How do I stop an app release from rolling out?

Sign in to your Play Console. Select an app. On the left menu, click Release management > App releases. If you don’t see App releases in the menu, make sure you have permission to manage releases. Under the release track you want to halt, select Manage. Next to the release version number, select Halt rollout > Halt.