Is there an exchange for totw points?

Is there an exchange for totw points?

There are two Exchanges possible currently for TOTW Players. They require TOTW Players, with 3 players from the current week and 2 players of at least 73 OVR from any week for 100 TOTW Points. There is also an Exchange with a reward of 100 Skill Boosts in exchange for a TOTW Starter from Current Week and 3 players of at least 76 OVR from any week.

How to claim totw players in FIFA Mobile?

Each week, FIFA Mobile present 11 TOTW Starters and 12 Reserves. Start claiming these players using TOTW Tokens earned from playing Division Rivals. Additionally, you can complete Squad Building Challenges (SBC) with your TOTW Players for TOTW Premium Tokens. Use TOTW Premium Tokens to claim better TOTW Players.

What is totw in FIFA 21 mobile?

FIFA Mobile 21 Team of the Week (TOTW) Team of the Week is back in its old format where you can open up packs for coin and there are the TOTW starters on display. You can earn TOTW Tokens from playing Division Rivals and TOTW Premium Points from weekly Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and redeem them for TOTW players every week.

How do I earn totw points in FIFA Mobile?

In FIFA Mobile, there are typically one Daily Quest and four Weekly Quests you can do to earn TOTW Points, so be sure to head to Ultimate Team to see what they are.