Should the World Cup be held biennial?

Should the World Cup be held biennial?

World football’s governing body is pushing to introduce a biennial World Cup, rather than every four years, sparking an intense debate in the sport, with Europe and South America among those strongly opposed the idea.

Should the World Cup be held more frequently?

World football governing body FIFA’s push for a biennial World Cup as opposed to one every four years has been met with resistance from Europe and South America. And Infantino has said the Euros — which takes place every four years — could also happen more frequently should a move for a biennial World Cup be successful.

Should the FIFA World Cup cycle be altered to two years?

Following a proposal by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation in May, FIFA is now carrying out a feasibility study into the practicalities of altering the World Cup cycle from four years to two, meaning that continental championships (like the Gold Cup, European Championship and Copa America) would be sandwiched in the alternate years.