Toe Poke Daily: Premier League fixtures, fixtures and more fixtures

Toe Poke Daily: Premier League fixtures, fixtures and more fixtures
With no director of football in sight for Manchester United, the FC guys debate whether the Ed Woodward’s transfer-by-committee method still works.

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With the new season just 57 days away, today is Premier League fixtures day, yes that day when fans can see when their club will play twice against every other club in the league. When everyone has quite finished making the same point about everyone having to play 38 games, it made for some fun comments on social media.

Fixtures, fixtures and more fixtures

It really does matter, doesn’t it?

August is a treat

My brain hurts from staring at this analysis

Earliest crisis for Man United or Chelsea ever?

A Liverpool conspiracy theory?

How it feels to be in the Premier League again…

Now this is what you call a fixture clash…

Chelsea have a replacement for Hazard

Replacing a player like Eden Hazard is going to be no mean feat for Chelsea, who saw their star man leave for Real Madrid last week in a deal that may end up being worth around £150m.

Thankfully, a contender to take up Hazard’s considerable mantle at Stamford Bridge has emerged in the slightly unlikely form of Jonathan Walters.

He may have retired from football several months ago, but the former Stoke City and Burnley striker, 35, has informed the Blues he’d be willing to step in and replace their departed Belgian, citing his formidable record.

Stoke fans will no doubt recall that Walters managed the impressive feat of scoring not one, but two own-goals (as well as missing a penalty) in a 4-0 home defeat against Chelsea back in 2013.

In effect, he’s scored two goals for Chelsea without ever playing a single match for them. You simply can’t argue with stats like that.

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