What are some mind blowing facts?

What are some mind blowing facts?

mind-blowing facts. A “mini-book” is classified as a book that is no more than three inches in height, width, or thickness. Now that, folks, is listed in the mind-blowing facts category. 7. In a lifetime, the human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times

What are some cool random facts?

💡32 Interesting Science FactsOur blood vessels stretch incredibly far! If laid end to end, the length of blood vessels in an average sized adult human body would circle our planet 2.5 times!Blushing is a human art. Blushing is an automatic sensory reaction only experienced by humans.The Eiffel Tower changes in size. …Stars weigh more than… well, most things! …More items…

What are some funny facts about life?

65 Facts So Weird You Won’t Believe They’re True23 Sunglasses were originally designed for Chinese judges to hide their facial expressions in court. …26 A New Orleans hotel offered a $15,000 stay to a whoever stole the "most outrageous" item from them. …28 A giant tortoise thought to be extinct for 100 years was recently discovered in the Galápagos. …More items…

What is the weirdest fact?

Weird facts coming your wayTiny tickles In what must have been the cutest science experiment of all time, neuroscientists discovered that rats laugh when tickled.Mosquitoes are even worse than you think In experiments not even remotely as cute as tickling rats, scientists have discovered that mosquitoes urinate on us while feeding on our …Bananas are radioactive