What are the best FIFA 22 cards to get?

What are the best FIFA 22 cards to get?

Gullit’s Mid Icon card is one of the best in FIFA 22, with 88 pace, 88 shooting, 88 passing, 87 dribbling, 87 physicality, 80 defending, 4-star skills, and 5-star weak foot. Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest soccer players of all time, and he certainly has the trophy cabinet to show for it.

How to get icon cards in FIFA 22?

An excellent way for FIFA 22 players to add an icon card is by completing the SBCs. While the icon SBCs have higher completion prices, they take away the reliance on luck. By completing the Mid Icon Player Pick SBC, players are assured of a mid-version icon card for their respective FUT squads.

What are mid icons in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Mid Icons are the second highest-rated versions of FUT Icon cards. There are many magnificent Mid Icons for managers to choose from in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team; the best Icon cards are the ones that have high stats in areas that align with the game’s meta.

When will the mid icon SBC be available?

The Mid Icon SBC will be available until January 17 so make sure to get it started soon! For more FIFA 22 news check out how to complete Headliners Zakaria Ultimate Team Objective and how to vote for TOTY.