What are the best tactics and instructions for FIFA 22?

What are the best tactics and instructions for FIFA 22?

Whereas someone who loves their possession will want the team to keep a hold of the ball as long as possible to wear their competitor down. Here are our best custom tactics and instructions to use for FIFA 22’s different game modes: namely Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

Should you play FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

One of the beautiful things about FIFA 22 is the level of customization you have for your line-ups, custom tactics, instructions, and roles in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and more. At the same time, this creates countless dilemmas and leaves you with endless headaches regarding the best ways to fulfill your team’s potential.

How to change formations in FIFA 22 custom tactics?

The second screen of FIFA 22 Custom Tactics allows you to change your formation from what your team will initially start out in. Simply select the formation you want them to change to, and then press Y/ Triangle to swap players around within this new formation. The third tab, ‘Instructions,’ is one of the most valuable.

Can you press in FIFA 22 4321?

Take a look at the custom tactics and player instructions of the FIFA 22 4321 formation by RG11. Firstly, Balanced on the defensive style, this is not a formation you can press in, it’s just too narrow and tight, there’s too much space out on the wings for people to just play around the press, so it just doesn’t work in this formation.